UCANR Resources:

Grazing Publications and Fact Sheets from UCANR Catalog

A Guide to Livestock Leases for Annual Rangelands

Benefits of Cattle Grazing for Reducing Fire Fuels and Fire Hazard, August 2020

Cattle, Sheep, Goats and Horses: What’s the Difference for Working Rangelands?

Contract Grazing – what to consider when hiring a contract grazer, March 2019

Field Guide to Common California Rangeland and Pasture Plants – a handy deck of full color cards to help with plant ID

Grazing Systems Management: Achieving Management Goals by Balancing Livestock Grazing with Time and Space

Introduction to Targeted Grazing workshop, part 1, Oct 2020 (video)

Introduction to Targeted Grazing workshop, part 2, Oct 2020 (video)

Livestock Grazing: A Conservation Tool on California’s Annual Grasslands 

Planned Herbivory in the Management of Wildfire Fuels

Ranching Infrastructure: Tools for Healthy Grasslands, Livestock, and Ranchers

Ranch Water Quality Planning Instructors Guide and Lesson Plan, overview video, August 2020

Will Livestock Grazing on Rangelands Reduce the Potential for and Severity of Wildfires, March 2019

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Fire in California

Partner Agencies

CA Farmlink  can help with lease agreements

CA Resource Conservation Districts (RCDs)

Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)

Additional Resources:


5th Principle of Soil Health: Livestock Integration by NRCS

Ecological and Economic Benefits of Integrating Sheep into Viticulture Production by Agronomy For Sustainable Development

Grassland Carbon Sequestration: Management, Policy, and Economics by Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Restoring Climate Through Soil Carbon White Paper by Savory Institute


Livestock and Poultry Environmental Learning Community- Holistic Manure Management

North Coast Soil Health Hub

Savory Institute: Holistic Management Library


Mimicking Nature: Integrating Livestock into Perennial and Annual Cropping Systems by Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture

Sheep and Grapes Workshop 2020 by Napa RCD

Of Interest

Grazing is a Wildfire Solution blog by CalCAN, Sept 2020